About us

We’re giving the power of digital advertising to the people. Our job is to ensure that anyone has the tools they need to make their voice heard online.

We’re a team of technologists, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs driven by purpose and committed to the free exercise of our human agency.




Our core values

Empower people to lead lives they find meaningful

  • Create the best way for a person to advocate for themselves and their values.

  • Promote public awareness and policies that serve people beyond the use of our product.

  • Serve humanity. People are our bottom line. Everything else is instrumental.

Deliver Real Impact

  • Be the most effective at achieving positive outcomes.

  • Generate and maximize results.

  • Create real and lasting impact.

Think Different and Think Big

  • Do what has not been done before.

  • Establish a new paradigm unconstrained by how things have been done before.

  • Define a world in which people are truly empowered and for us ‘innovation’ is creating that world.

Pursue Pragmatic Idealism

  • Leverage the world we are given.

  • Seek a better tomorrow.

  • Create the world that is possible.

Educate and Tell Stories

  • Inspire others to make stories on the platform and to share our stories.

  • Make a product that is informative and compelling.

  • Market through education and stories.

Live with Purpose, Love, and Adventure

  • Do work driven by purpose.

  • Love the people you work with.

  • Make everything you do is a game or an adventure.