Reach your fellow Americans.

We all live in bubbles - in real life and online. We’re only talking to people with similar experiences and perspectives. Through our Americans to Americans campaign, we’re helping people from across our country share their stories with people they otherwise would never connect with.

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There are growing divides in our country. And yet, most of us are surrounded by people of similar experiences as our own, especially when we’re online.

We believe in the importance of hearing from people who are different than us. Regardless of where you live, you income, your identity, or your political perspective, we want to hear your story. And we want to share it - American to American.

Why join us?

This project relies on the participation and support of people who understand the importance of connecting across communities. If this sounds like you, consider backing the project financially, or by submitting your own message. Each dollar and message helps deliver more truth and understanding to more people—but that all starts with you.

Messages created by real people

How it works

  1. You submit your persuasive message about your experience.

  2. We beam your message straight to the screens of thousands of people across the country. Digital ad delivery and data systems allow us to match the content of your message to the kind of people that will be most receptive to hearing it— increasing the chances that they will be swayed by your message.

  3. Together we increase awareness about unique experiences across America.