Reduce Trump’s approval rating.

A creative and data driven effort to bring Americans together over the issues that matter most.

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Every day, Trump further erodes the fundamental pillars of our democracy. And yet, while anti-Trump fervor is high, as many as 45% of Americans still approve of the Trump Presidency.  Democracy cannot survive if we leave half the country behind. We need to talk to each other—to engage with Trump supporters, to share truth, persuasive messages, and stories. It’s the only way to end his presidency. So, we built a way to do just that. Minus 45 empowers anyone to send a message across the divide.

How it works

  1. You submit your Trump-related persuasive message.

  2. We beam your message straight to the screens of thousands of people who like Trump across the country. Our technology is based on digital ad delivery and data systems that allow us to match the content of your message to the kind of people that will be most receptive to hearing it— allowing us to increase the chances of persuasion.

  3. Together we, over time, are able to talk to each other on and offline about the issues and ideas that matter most. We shrink national division, spread truth and understanding, breed empathy and wisdom and, in doing so, reduce support for President Trump to a point that removes him from power.

How is the money used?

This project relies on the participation and support of people who see ideological division as one of the biggest challenges of our time and feel a responsibility to do something to close the divide. If this sounds like you, please consider backing the project financially, or by submitting your own persuasive message. Each dollar and each message helps deliver more truth and understanding to more Americans. As we grow, the larger and more sophisticated campaigns we can run, and the more people we can reach—but that all starts with you.

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