Excited for Obama’s new Library?

By The Obama Foundation

The Obama Foundation is building a Presidential Library in Chicago in honor of President Barack Obama. Why are you excited to bring the Presidential Library to our community?

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The Barack Obama Presidential Library is the 14th Presidential library administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. It serves to document and educate the public about Obama’s time in office. Unlike any of the other Presidential Libraries, the Barack Obama Presidential Library will be the first fully digital Presidential Library.

We need your participation to make this project the best it can be. Support the project by sharing why you’re excited for the new Presidential Library. Next share your excitement (or someone else’s) with more people by backing it with a dollar amount. Doing this will amplify a story’s reach, allowing the project to reach more people.

Why join us?

Like democracy itself, this project relies on the participation and support of the people who make this country what it is, and who understand the value of preserving, sharing, and learning from its rich history. A healthy love for the Obama administration doesn’t hurt either ;) If this sounds like you, consider backing the project financially, or by submitting your own story. Each dollar and message helps spread awareness of the National Archives and the important work we are doing to immortalize Barack Obama’s impact and legacy.

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How it works

  1. You submit your your favorite memory of President Obama.

  2. We beam your memory straight to the screens of thousands of people across the country. Digital ad delivery and data systems allow us to match the content of your memory to the kind of people that will be most receptive to hearing it— increasing the chances that they will be swayed by your message.

  3. Together we spread awareness of and support for the documentation and sharing of President Obama’s Presidential Archive.