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We look forward to working with you! Below you’ll find a simple step by step process to get started. If you have questions at any point, reach out to us at ads@humanagency.org.


Getting Started


To begin, please complete the items below.

Advertising Onboarding:

Want to launch a digital advertising campaign? We can get you and up and running ASAP. Complete this form to get started.

Monitoring Your Status:

Once you submit your onboarding form, we will email you a link to your personal performance report. There you can see all of the data on your website, ad performance, and spend. If you lose this special link, email us at ads@humanagency.org and we’ll be happy to share it with you again.


Ads cost money. We try to make it as easy and transparent for you as possible. Our pricing structure is available here. There are a couple ways to pay:

  1. Online: One-time (Weekly or Monthly)

  2. Online: Recurring (Weekly or Monthly)

  3. Via Check: Please mail your checks to:

    Human Agency

    4021 Laclede Ave.

    PO Box 23037

    St. Louis, MO 63156

  4. For Wire Transfer: Please contact ads@humanagency.org

Additional Digital Services:

It turns out the internet is more than just advertising. If you’re looking for a little support crushing it on the rest of the internet, let us know. We support clients with digital strategy advising, still & motion creative, web development & management, and more.