Computer Reimbursement Policy

Human Agency requires that all of its salaried and hourly full-time employees provide their own computer for work. Computer is defined as a desktop or laptop. Tablets are not considered a computer.

Only salaried and hourly full-time employees at Human Agency who purchase a computer to be used during working hours are eligible for computer reimbursements.

The amount of the computer reimbursement is set out below:

Cost of Computer (includes taxes)

% Human Agency will reimburse

$300* - $500


$500 - $1000**

100% of the first $500, and 50% of the remainder cost of the computer


100% of the first $500, 50% of the second $500, and 0% of the remainder cost of the computer, unless otherwise noted in this handbook.

*If an employee wishes to seek reimbursement for the purchase of a laptop that costs less than the minimum amount, he or she must have written permission from his or her supervisor.

**The $1000 cap for 50% reimbursement will be set at $1500 for all Human Agency employees at the CEO organization level and above, as well as for all employees on the technology team. Human Agency will reimburse 0% of the remainder computer cost above $1500.

1.   Human Agency will not reimburse for additional cost of warranties or accessories beyond what is part of the standard package of the computer. Human Agency reserves the right to determine what is part of the standard package. Please see the administration manager for any clarifications.

2.   The purchase date of the computer for which reimbursement is requested must be after the hire date of the employee. The purchase date is defined as what is listed on the receipt for the computer. An employee may only request a computer reimbursement once every 3 years. The computer will be solely owned and operated by employee and may be used as a personal computer outside of work.

3.   The employee must notify, in writing, the CEO prior to making the computer purchase.

4.   After the purchase, the employee must submit a reimbursement form, pursuant to Human Agency reimbursement policy.  Human Agency does not pay nor reimburse for sales tax. Documentation of the purchase must be submitted with the employee’s request for reimbursement of the allowable amount.

5.   If an employee resigns, as defined below, within 12 months of submitting the request for computer reimbursement, the employee shall pay back a portion of the reimbursement. The pay back will be calculated by the formula below:

((365 - Days Worked Since Reimbursement Request)/365)*(amount of reimbursement)

If an employee is discharged, as defined below, the employee is not required to pay back the computer reimbursement.


  • Resign - voluntary separation of employment initiated by an employee.

  • Days Worked Since Reimbursement Request - The total calendar days an employee has been employed by Human Agency since submitting the request for laptop reimbursement. For the purpose of this handbook, if a full-time employee submits the reimbursement request on August 3rd 2018, and resigned on August 31st 2018, the days worked since reimbursement request will be 28.

  • Discharge - involuntary separation of employment initiated by the organization.

The computer for which an employee seeks reimbursement must meet the Human Agency minimum laptop requirements for new purchases:

  • 1.6GHz Processor

  • Dual core processor

  • 4GB Ram

  • 128GB Minimum Hard Drive

  • Webcam, Microphone, and Wifi