Current job openings at Human agency

Ad Ops . . .

We run ads to solve problems and support causes we care about. We are interested in adding people whose passion for solving similar problems is complemented by knowledge of effective communication.

Design and Brand Development. . .

We have a brand. We support organizations and causes with their own brands. We need people who can help us level this up.

Sales. . .

We sell things we are passionate about. If you have nonprofit, political, and/or business passions and relationships and want to work with folks to help them succeed, we’d love to have you on our team.

Software Developer. . .

We are an agile and TDD loving team building an app primarily in Ruby and React. There’s a lot of work here.


Where we work

We love working together in the same place, collaborating, and hanging out. We also just want to work with great folks. As a result, we have some people working in pockets and our team is distributed and working together. We work in:

Bellingham, WA | Boston, MA | New York, NY | Oakland, CA | St. Louis, MO