Creatives with Agency

You can turn people’s humanity into compelling stories and ads. And, you can get paid to do so. Here’s how it works:

Project Based Contractors

  • Producing a postcard, Direct, Animation, Minidoc, Flag, Experimental or experimental ad results in $5 per piece of approved creative produced.

  • If more than 1 piece of creative is made with a given piece or audio / video, secondary pieces of creative will be paid $2.5 each.

  • All creative must be signed off by Lauren Harris (

Salaried or Retainer Folks

  • Anyone who is salaried or paid a fixed monthly amount is not eligible for per creative compensation.


  • To be eligible for compensation, you need a contractor’s agreement with Human Agency in place.

  • A monthly invoice needs to be provided to Kate McCarthy ( and approved by Kate and Lauren Harris to be paid. Invoices not delivered within 15 days of the end of the month will not be honored. Payments typically occur within 15 days of the receipt of an invoice.

  • Monthly cap is $500 per creative unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

  • The creative is subject to Human Agency’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

  • Payments to creatives will happen monthly in the month after the creative is produced. Payments can be made via credit card (if a link is provided) or ACH and will be according to the above except minus any processing fees.

  • Subject to change.