Help! We need stuff to wear!

We’re looking for talented artists and designers to channel their creativity into a product package that captures the spirit of our “human agency.”


Who we are:

  • A team of technologists, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs driven by purpose and committed to the free exercise of our human agency

  • A tech start-up and a marketing agency rolled into one

General rules & information:

  • Each selected designer will receive $1000 for their work

  • Products should be simple and able to be sourced domestically

  • Products should be gender-neutral

  • Designs should follow Human Agency’s branding guidelines which incorporate human imagery through photos and/or illustrations. These are guidelines, not requirements.

  • We’re really into creativity and art. Show us what you got!

The five product categories:

  1. Hats

  2. Bags

  3. T-shirts

  4. Sweatshirts

  5. Water bottles


Are you in?

Enter your info and we’ll send you more details.*

Designers will be selected by September 18th. Please wait to hear from us before getting started.


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