Why Human AGENCY?

We felt powerless.

Like many of you, we were tired of feeling like we couldn’t make a difference. Any time we wanted to share some piece of news or information that we thought was really important, it felt like shouting into a big echo chamber. We couldn’t get our message out to change people’s minds. Instead, we were trapped in our own social bubble.

Advertising has the ability to cut through bubbles. But it has been designed only for businesses to sell you products, and organizations to promote themselves. As a result, ads are mostly just a source of irritation as we try to avoid falling for their deceptively enticing headlines. 

That’s why we created Human Agency: it’s a way to burst out of our bubble and get our message in front of people who think differently from us.


We had already used the power of advertising.

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Through some work that we did registering voters using digital ads, we learned about the (kinda scary) power of social media advertising. We were able to register thousands of new voters by putting true and relevant information in front of them. We had discovered a way to escape our bubble and get a message to any audience.

Because here's the thing: the targeting ability on social media is crazy. All of your clicks, likes, and purchases are tracked to create a consumer profile, which social media platforms give to advertisers so they can target whoever they want with pinpoint accuracy. Advertisers can design their ads to be perfectly suited to their audience, and guarantee that they are displaying it to the exact demographics they want.

The tools were already there.


We saw a way to transform communication using the tools already lying around us. Social media advertising already offered a way for people to get a message outside their bubble in front of the people who think differently. The problem was that regular people have no access to social media advertising - it wasn't designed for them. 

Human Agency was born with the mission of empowering individuals to effectively promote issues, causes, and information that matters to them. With Human Agency we’ve deployed the most powerful tools of advertising and made them accessible so that in under 30 seconds, anyone can create a message and show it to anyone in the world.


Human Agency puts the power in YOUR hands.

Human Agency empowers you to directly make an impact. You can create and promote effective messages, pop bubbles, and increase truth and understanding of important issues and causes.

With great power comes great responsibility. So use it for good. Not like this:


We're trusting you not to do that. But we've also got some Ground Rules to prevent users from sending offensive and hateful messages. Human Agency is a tool for empowerment, not for hate.

Human Agency democratizes content creation.

Previously, marketing teams and ad agencies were the main creators of content. With Human Agency, anyone can easily make messages and share them for other users to promote.

And when other users promote your message, you get compensated for it. Instead of giving your creative skills to a company to help them sell their product, use them to create compelling and educational messages on things that YOU care about.

Human Agency makes every dollar matter.

Before now, running sophisticated ad campaigns took billions of dollars. Corporations hired marketing agencies to create and run their ads. Political campaigns would employ Big Data companies like to Cambridge Analytica target voters. 

Human Agency creates a platform where regular people can join forces to create and support effective campaigns. When united, small contributions can add up to make a big impact. 


Human Agency increases transparency and measurability of impact.

When you give to most charities, campaigns, and organizations, you have no idea where your money goes. The best you can do is trust that they will use it effectively and responsibly. 

We don't think that's good enough. When you promote messages on Human Agency, we'll give you real-time data on the success of your message, and the collective impact of everyone who has promoted that message. 

Human Agency is more than a tool.

We are not just a tool. Human Agency is a platform educating people about how advertising works, and how to be more informed. We want to reveal the way that social media platforms get so much power from the data they collect on you.

We want to use transparency and education, not to hide how advertising works, but to educate people and lead reform efforts. We want to give people the power corporations have, and make it easy for them to use it for good.

We’re excited to have you here and to help you amplify your voice. So get out there and humanize the web! And together, we can change hearts and minds to create a better world.