The Human Agency Glossary

Advertising, site analytics, and really the entire internet is confusing. We’ve got a little glossary here to help make sense of some of the words you might see and have questions about. Let us know about any additional ones you would like included.


New Users - Number of unique visitors who had not previously been to your website.

Users - Number of unique visitors in a given period of time.

Pages/Session - The average number of pages within your website a viewer looks at in 1 visit.

Traffic Source - How people are getting to the website (i.e. through a facebook post link).


Impressions - How many times something was seen.

Ad Recall - Data provided by Facebook indicating the likeliness the viewer will remember the ad. This is measured by a combination of:

•Ad reach (number of unique people reached)

•How much time people spend watching the ads

•The historical relationship between the attention people give ads and how likely they are to remember it

•Results of surveys on the likelihood of recall based on historical surveys

Avg. Relevance Score - Data provided by Facebook indicating how well an ad resonates with the audience it reaches. Relevance scores increase when ads resonate with the audience we target. Higher relevance scores reduce the cost of ad delivery.

ThruPlays - The Facebook term for a video ad that is viewed to completion or for more than 15 seconds.