Graphic Designer Feedback Form

After chatting with Jon and reviewing his work, please share your thoughts about the possibility of him joining our team.

Here’s Jon’s website.

Here’s work Jon has shared with us or done for us.

Here’s an interactive project Jon shared with us.

Let us know your thoughts below.

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Jon As A Designer

Looking at Jon’s work and reflecting on conversations with him about his design interests and abilities, answer the following questions about Jon as a designer:

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Please rate the following statements.
Please rate the following statements.
Jon's design skills will fill a gap for HA
Jon's design skills meet HA's quality standards
Jon's design skills will increase the quality of HA's design work

Jon As A Team Member

Thinking about Jon as a member of our team in general, regardless of his design abilities, share your thoughts:

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Please rate the following statements:
Please rate the following statements:
Jon will bring value to our team as a person
Jon will fill gaps on our team beyond design skills
Jon is someone I would have fun and/or learn from working with
Could be about design or not!