The great hunt of 2019


While you were sleeping cozily in your beds [or cooking breakfast or cleaning up bacon grease or working], a representative of your team was deep in the forest, hiding the notes containing your team’s darkest truths and most fun factoids.

  • Ashley (Team 1 rep) has spirited away the notes of Team 1 and written clues to be shared with Team 2 to aid them in their search.

  • Don (Team 2 rep) has spirited away the notes of Team 2 and written clues to be shared with Team 1 to aid them in their search.

The objective is to find the other team's notes and match them with the appropriate person.

Each team has 20 minutes to search and match, to be spent on each task at the team's discretion. Matching must occur within at the house. You CANNOT open the notes until you have crossed the threshold of the home.

You can return to the house to match whenever you want, but at the 20 minute mark whatever you have on the wall is final. Points are allocated as outlined below.


  • 1 point for each note found

  • 5-point bonus for finding all notes

  • 3 points for each note matched with the correct person

  • -1 point penalty for each incorrect match

  • 5-point bonus for no incorrect matches

The winning team will receive: a dessert tonight of your choosing, to be procured by the losing team.


  • It’s a felony to open someone else’s. 

  • A form of dancing. Also: a playground

  • Big stick. 

  • Cannabilizing tree. 

  • County in Illinois and a northern neighbor of Missouri.


  • A Morden horse 

  • Cha cha blank 

  • The age of 1992

  • You put your Easter eggs in these 

  • Pagan rituals in the backyard