Hack Goals and Projects 

Internal and External Data, Reporting, and Project Management (Peter and Hannah, partially Brendan)


  • Human Agency team dashboard (so everyone can see everything going on)

  • Content submission and processing system

  • Facilitate communication of 2019 goals.

  • Revised client on-boarding.

  • Data system centralizing surveys, email comms, etc.


  • Represent each department in the dashboard with key metrics and goals and a visual way to view progress (or lack thereof) over time.


  • Share the dashboard, content submission and processing system, 2019 goals, client experience from a sale, and data system.

Key Resources:

  • Everyone for user feedback.

O’Humanity & General Comms (Zach and Kate)


  • O’Humanity

    • Create O’Humanity website w/ ability to accept donations (Donorbox), overview of what O’Humanity is (see current site / Telos site),

    • Re-create the publication and schedule articles for republishing.

    • Create a clear submission, submission review, publishing (going live + social + email) process.

  • Comms Generally

    • Create a O’Humanity, Minus 45 and Human Agency comms schedule and management structure.

    • Create listserve emails and scheduled to send early this week.

    • Make first social posts.


  • It seems particularly important to make the process of managing this very simple.


  • First presentation: Present O’Humanity generally and how others can share.

  • Final presentation: Present the full site, publication, and what people have shared and created.

Key Resources:

  • Team design for O’Humanity design

  • Sync with team Data and Operations to ensure smooth processes.

Sales (Alex and Geoff)


  • Create KPIs, goals, and accountability metrics for Human Agency sales team in 2019 that sync in the sales CRM.

  • Refine and ready sales CRM, wrap up decks.

  • Put sales stories on website.

  • Develop sales strategy for 2019 with an emphasis on ballot initiatives and large political clients.

  • Share Human Agency resources with Geoff.


  • Present sales goals, materials, and strategy.

Key Resources:

  • Peter / Brendan for google sheets support, Ben for Squarespace support.

Promo / Educational Videos (Don and Lauren)


  • Create public facing Human Agency content while developing a collaboration system for content creation and learning to use the new camera.


  • Primarily, we want the video or videos made to be part of the kick-off public face of Human Agency.

    • One-off:

      • Life of an ad

      • Overview of Human Agency

    • Create a series:

      • An education series on advertising, interview style

      • Irreverent Human Agency style.

  • Primary consideration is to ensure that this positions us for high quality shooting and collaboration going forward.


  • Share video(s) made, share processes developed and learnings.

Key Resources:

  • Everyone at the hack is a potential interview subject.

Website, branding, and PAC (Ben and Ashley)


  • Create Human Agency PAC branding guide and website w/ ability for people to submit.

  • Create O’Humanity brand guide to support O’Humanity team.

  • Micro-page cause and action pages for the website.

  • Lead people in exercise to create own

  • Redone Human Agency homepage.

  • Review Human Agency brand.


  • First review our brand guide and make any revisions to the template and instructions.

  • Ashley makes O’Humanity brand guide in consultation with Ben and O’Humanity team. Client for this is O’Humanity team.

  • Ashley makes Regular People brand guide in consultation with Ben and Brendan.

  • Ashley and Ben make Regular People website.

  • Ben focuses on the Human Agency home page, micropages, and sales materials implementation.


  • First presentation: Present the micro-page creation exercise for everyone to create pages.

  • Second presentation: Present the brands and the revised Human Agency website.

Key Resources:

  • O’Humanity team for brand feedback.

  • Everyone for user experience / site feedback.