• 3C’s Completion, Completion, Completion. Hacks are best as things that accomplish things that don’t spill into our daily lives. On Tuesday we are Better Together, talking to prospective clients, etc. Our primary jobs here are to level up Human Agency in this short period of time.

  • Democratize. We build things for regular people. Whether it is our reporting tools, our publication submissions process, or our other, we demystify and empower.

  • Grow Together. We have a draft Knowledge Bank.

  • Low-Maintenance, High Replicability. We work to ensure every process or system we build takes the least maintenance possible and is highly replicable.


  • Documents shared with you: Kate

  • Last Pass: Kate


  • Never Give Up, Never Surrender. There may be internet problems here. But we don’t let that keep us from doing our best work. Basic recommendations:

    • Connect fewer devices. Try to only have the devices you are using be on the internet.

    • Save frequently. Things can disappear.

    • Try other rooms. It could be, some rooms are better than other rooms.

    • Leave the house. Go to McDonalds, Rustic cafe (Fairhaven), Lettered streets coffee house, Woods coffee (particularly on Bay Street would have room for a large group), or the public library.