Saturday, January 5th

Team Ben (Ben, Lauren, Alex, Margaret, Peter, Geoff)

  • 11:30 AM Put out and later clean up lunch supplies.

Team Kate (Kate, Brendan, Hannah, Don, Ashley, Zach)

  • 09:00 AM Host the Great Hunt of 2019.

  • 06:00 PM Take orders for Casa Que Pasa and Super Marios (el savadorian burritos) and pickup.


  • 09:15 AM Breakfast!

  • 09:45 AM Kickoff: The Great Hunt of 2019 presented by Hannah and Kate

  • 10:15 AM Overview: Going Public and a Vision of 2019

    • What HA is: Empower do-gooders by Democratizing Access to Power

    • The Knowledge Bank

    • Focuses and Teams

      • Internal and External Data, Reporting, and Project Management (Peter, Brendan, Hannah)

      • O’Humanity (Zach and Kate)

      • Sales (Alex and Geoff)

      • Social and Promo Videos (Don and Lauren)

      • Website, branding, and PAC (Ben and Ashley)

    • Success for the weekend looks like Human Agency has a public profile and we have a vision and clarity moving forward in 2019.

  • 12:30 PM Lunch!

  • 07:30 PM Dinner is served. Share work projects. 5 minute presentations of work, 5 minutes of Q&A per group.

  • 08:30 PM Keep hacking on your projects, relax, game it up, etc.