Civil society is broken. Together, we can fix it. 

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Introducing: Humanize

A new platform that lets you get your message to anyone in the world.

Easily create a message, or join in on an existing message campaign

The power to change minds

You know all that crazy data that social media websites have on you?

Companies use it to try to sell you stuff.

We're trying to turn that upside-down and give that power to you. You can target your message to any audience so that the messages you share can actually make a difference.

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Craft a Message

We make it easy for you to create a message. You can link to a news article or website, or make a custom message using your own images and videos. 


Promote a Campaign

Turn your message into a crowd-funded campaign. By making it public, other users can join forces to amplify your message out to more people. 

Browse other campaigns and unite to make a bigger impact. Combat fake news, spread a feel-good story, share a cat video. Actually, don't share more cat videos... unless it's a really good one.


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Measure your Impact

Most causes you support tell you nothing about how your money is used.

Here, you'll see real-time results on your message's success. Easily view your own impact and the collective impact of everyone who has promoted the same campaigns. 


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