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1. What is the Human Agents Referral Program?

A partner-referral program through which national and local leaders, organizers, strategists, and consultants involved in forward-thinking politics receive compensation to promote and sell Human Agency services in their state, region, or nationally.

2. Who are Human Agents?

Human Agents are the on-the-ground leaders of Human Agency’s mission to democratize advertising and make change. A Human Agent is deeply involved and well-connected in their state or region - they’re able to pick up the phone and talk to some of the most influential political decision-makers and grassroots leaders. They are widely trusted and respected for their experience and political work - other qualities include:

  • Deep political, advocacy, and civic connections across a state or region

  • A strong reputation in their professional community and respected as a political, campaign, or grassroots advisor

  • Has worked largely for progressive, Democratic, and/or non-partisan issues, candidates, foundations, organizations, etc.

3. What do Human Agents do?

As a Human Agent, you’ll help Human Agency launch across the US - you’ll be helping hundreds of organizations build their movements and forward-thinking candidates win their races. You will work with the Human Agency Growth Team to connect candidates and advocates to our services team so they can integrate people-powered digital advertising and cost-effective agency services as key parts of their campaign strategy - saving money and collecting critical data, quickly. To do this, Human Agents will create a brief including the following:

  • Top 25 to 50 (numbers will vary by state) political consultants, campaign managers (electoral & ballot initiatives), PAC and grassroots leaders, and others who make up the professional political class in each state, region, or nationally;

  • Identify, secure, or reinforce Human Agency’s relationship with state or national party political committee(s) or leading Political Action Committees;

  • Identify, secure, or reinforce Human Agency’s relationship with resistance groups and labor unions;

  • Identify, secure, or reinforce Human Agency’s relationships with the most influential issue groups that focus on advocacy connected to progressive causes (such as women’s/reproductive rights, environment, gun violence protection, education, civil and human rights, fair wages, progressive taxation, and others).

  • Human Agents work with the Human Agency Growth Team to build a strategic and customized plan for each state, region, or nationally. We rely on your deep experience and expertise to build a plan that takes into consideration idiosyncrasies and personalities.

4. How are Human Agents compensated?

Human Agents receive an initial start-up payment between $2,500 and $10,000 dependent on the size of their scope and expertise. The retainer covers the Agent’s initial research assessment, brief of their state/region/nation, and initial introductions with the expectation to remain a Human Agent for at least six months. Human Agents are rewarded for referrals as follows:

  • 10% of the first contract value (post-ad expenses) for any new relationship

  • 5% of all subsequent contracts (post-ad expenses) with that relationship for 12-months

  • Above $100,000 (post-ad expenses on any given relationship), referrals become 5%

As an example, if a Human Agent’s referral signs their first contract for a series of digital services valued at $60K post-advertising expenses, the Human Agent will receive $6,000 upon receipt of payment from that client. If the relationship leads to a subsequent $40,000 creative campaign within 12 months of the first contract, the Human Agent will receive an additional $2,000. There is no annual cap on the amount that a Human Agent can receive through referrals.

In coordination with the growth team, Human Agents design a plan of action, including a full list of targets and goals for the year. If the Human Agent reaches or exceeds their agreed upon goals, they are rewarded with an additional success fee equal to their initial start-up fee.

It’s the responsibility of each Human Agent to ensure the Human Agency Growth Team knows which clients were referred by them. This will be tracked via a Google spreadsheet shared with each Human Agent containing links to records of introductory emails / phone calls / meetings, and our internal CRM. If a Human Agent refers a new client but is not included in the initial email, call, or meeting, they must inform a Growth Team member prior or advise the client to mention the Human Agent’s name during intake so they receive credit for the business. An up-to-date blacklist of current client referrals will be kept in order to avoid existing clients being referred by multiple Human Agents. In the event a client is referred by multiple Human Agents prior to a first contract, Human Agency will split the referral payment evenly among Human Agents.

5. How often are Human Agents paid?

Payment of the Human Agent’s start-up fee is contingent on approval of an ongoing strategic plan and completion of five introductions.

All referral-percentage payments to Human Agents are made quarterly a minimum of 30 days after Human Agency has received payment from the referral customer. Payment schedule is: March 30; June 30; Sept. 30, and Dec. 30. The final success fee is rewarded at the time of the final payment, if the revenue goal is reached.

6. What is the legal status of a Human Agent?

Human Agents are independent contractors and are responsible for their own taxes, health care and other benefits. Human Agents are subject to Human Agency’s terms and commission agreement.

7. How does Human Agency support Human Agents’ sales?

Human Agency works closely with Agents to build a strategic plan that reflects the nuances, relationships, political calendar, and unique structure of each state or region. Human Agents are also supported through:

  • Customized presentations (including relevant case studies, references, results depending on the type of race)

  • Media relations and marketing planning and execution

  • Select sponsorship of key events

  • Human Agency team travel to state for in-person meetings

8. Do Human Agents manage the client relationships?

Human Agents are principally responsible for initiating relationships. Human Agency will create the proposals with review by the Agent, and then the relationship is generally handed off. The Human Agent can participate in as much, or as little of the process as they wish, but “door opening” and strategic advice is the principal responsibility of the Agent.

9. What’s next?
Human Agents are always referred by trusted connections or resources. If you’ve already been referred and are interested in applying to be a Human Agent, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.


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