We are a team of technologists, nonprofit leaders, and entrepreneurs driven by purpose and dedicated to the free exercise of our human agency. Working here is a partnership. We’re committed to making a positive impact in the world while ensuring that this is a truly meaningful and rewarding place to work.

Are you smart, toolsy, and values-aligned? Are you a go-getter driven by the challenge of audaciously and pragmatically making positive change? Great, let’s talk. Come join an organization that has the potential to reshape a massive media industry while also doing a ton of good in the world.



Current Openings

Ad Ops . . .

Human Agency builds and supports the movements of values-aligned campaigns, businesses, and activists through communication strategy and digital marketing. We are always looking for people whose passion for solving social problems is complemented with skills in effective communication and digital media. Got experience as an agency account manager or have run digital ad campaigns before? We'd love to hear from you.

Design Lead. . .

We are seeking a world-class Design Lead who can effectively translate the objectives of the company and our client partners into compelling consumer-facing brands, user-interfaces, and marketing materials. This is a dynamic and multi-disciplinary leadership role and can cover anything from Brand Strategy, to Creative Direction, Visual Communication, Digital Marketing, Product Design, and User Experience. The ideal candidate values creativity, curiosity, intellectual honesty, has the ability to create, and also can direct teams to realize their creative vision. Above all, we're looking for a creative leader to tell the Human Agency story through any visual mediums that best inspire and empower those that we intersect with.

Biz Dev. . .

We help our clients succeed by illuminating the unique opportunities where digital strategy and execution can be transformative for their complex business challenges. We sell things we are passionate about. If you have relationships and are driven by helping political, nonprofit, and values-aligned businesses grow, we’d love to have you on our growth team.

Software Engineer. . .

The Human Agency engineering team is building a simple platform that gives power of digital advertising to the people. We are currently focused on making it a seamless experience to create and manage ads across various platforms. If you are someone who loves to build scalable software that helps people accomplish meaningful goals, has previously worked as a developer using multiple languages/frameworks, and are convinced that TDD is the only way to write code, then we should talk. Learn more about our engineering team here.


Where We Work

We love working together, collaborating, and hanging out with one another. We also generally just want to work with great folks with big dreams. As a result, our highly-productive and fast-growing team is distributed in pockets all over the country. We work in:

St. Louis, MO | Bellingham, WA | Boston, MA | Los Angeles, CA | New York, NY | Oakland, CA | Washington D.C.