Setting up O'Humanity Blog

High Level:

We are using “Rally” Template. It is very cool. Here is a preview of it:

The homepage is made up of CONTENT and ACTIONS. The content will be made up of summary sections. The actions will be any regular blocks like images, text, buttons.

Summary block Settings:

  • Content - all coming from one centralized “O humanity blog” — choose “O Humanity"

  • Layout -

  • include a title if you want to for the section

    1. choose the orientation that best fits the content that you want to display

    2. choose the aspect ratio that best fits the content that you want to display (3:2 by default)

    3. Items per row will be determined by type of “featured” content we want to display. Standard should be 3 per row.

    4. 1 as main headline feature

      1. 2 as primary but not main

      2. 3 for all other content

  • Display

  • make sure the right tag is turned on for that section.


  • Generalized Tags for searching will be implemented.

  • They will be permanent. Do not need to remove them

    1. an article can have any or all of these

    2. ie:

    3. technology

      1. health

      2. society

      3. Editor’s Picks

  • Home page tags to be used to reduce overlap of content on home page.

  • Max 3 at a time. when new one is assigned

    1. remove one from oldest one.

    2. an article can only have one of the below

    3. ie:

    4. home - technology 

      1. home - health

      2. home - society

      3. Home - featured (only 1 at a time)

Index Pages -

we can create separate pages if we want to. Use an index for the home page and create sections based main sections:

  • recent

  • featured

  • other posts

  • about us

  • join us.