Newsletter Style Guide

At Human Agency we’re all about creating email newsletters for our agency and for clients that are engaging and an easy value add to the overwhelming world of the email inbox.

Here’s a few guiding tips for writing awesome emails:


Write one sentence paragraphs, yep, just one.

  • Intro paragraphs might be 2, but still short with one sentence and a segway.

  • We’re all about short, sweet, and easy to understand.

  • Another tip for keeping it short and sweet: throw your draft into this tool for ideas on how you might simply

Use bullets to make key points and clarify.

  • Use no more than 3 bullet points in a row

  • If you want more content in the same section, create a new sentence below the initial bullets and then give that sentence it’s own 3 bullets.

  • Use no more than 3 sentences with sub bullets in a section (kinda like this Rules for Simple Emails section)

Tell bold stories.

  • Bold is used to guide a reader through a self-contained spark notes version of the email.

  • The bold should flow from one to another, creating an email within the email.

  • Need an example? Scroll back to the top of this blog post and read the bold.

(Not sure who that is? Some of us weren’t either. Check her out.)

Provide value to the reader

  • In this knowledge bank post, "These emails are..." is a 2 sentence intro while Email Rules and Marie Kondo are sections

  • Each section has no more than 3 single sub section sentences and 3 bullets per subsection

  • Bullets can be read through to provide key points

Bring joy to your reader

  • Always ask - does this email bring my reader joy?

  • It doesn't need to be positive, but it does need to take a more painful process and make it simple and functional

Alrighty folks, getting writing!

Hannah Allee