Thanks for completing your onboarding and payment forms! Here are few things about how we work and how you’ll hear from us moving forward.


How We Work


Simple, fast, effective.

Now that you have completed the onboarding form and submitted payment, we have everything we need to get your campaign up and running.

How it works from here (we get to work):

  1. Ad creation: We will assemble the first batch of ads, targeted to your priority audiences.

  2. Split testing: Effective advertising campaigns require rigorous testing. We test each ad and identify the high-performers.

  3. Ad distribution: We launch your campaign!

  4. Analysis and optimization: Our services team regularly analyzes the performance of each campaign, reassigns ad-spend when necessary, and develop new batches of ads based on the elements that prove most successful. This process will recur many times over the course of a campaign.

How do you see what’s going on?

  1. Ad copy and targeting: We will share a Google Sheet that contains all of the ad-copy and targeting criteria for your review.

  2. Ad creative: Unless Human Agency is providing the creative for the campaign, we pull ad creative from your shared media folder, social posts you make, and emails you send us. We assume any content in any of those places is okay to use unless noted otherwise.


Each week your personal dashboard is updated with a summary of ad-performance metrics and we’ll email you with notice of the update to check in.


We can spend on a specific schedule if desired, otherwise your ads run as long as we have money to run them. You can always re-up your ads budget using our payment form.

Results & Communication

Our job is to help you achieve results. Here is how you can monitor campaign progress and see what we’re up to:

How to see your ads: You can see your ad content and the ads that are running in a couple places:

  1. Content Library: Once content is compiled, you’ll receive access to your personalized content library. All of the content and targeting we use for your ads will be listed here, unless we are boosting an organic post that you made. Creative we use will either be from your shared content folder, an email from you, or pulled from one of your organic posts.

  2. On Web Platforms:

    1. Facebook Page. You can see your currently running ads from your Facebook page by clicking on “Info and Ads” on the left side of the screen.

    2. Facebook News, Political, & Issue Ads. Facebook has a ‘public’ portal for all ads containing news, politics, or issue ads (the definition of this is incredibly broad). When logged into Facebook, you can view all of these ads here.

    3. Google Political Ads. If you run political ads on Google, they will show up here.

Ad performance: Each week we will share a weekly report with you and your team.

Questions and in-depth conversations: We are available to answer additional questions via email or phone. Email us at anytime with questions or to set-up a call.