Why do other agencies hide their prices? Because the typical agency model profits off of imperfect information.

We believe agency work is overpriced and driven by a lack of information. Agencies make too much money for too little value. We’re committed to doing world class work for less than anyone else. If you find someone offering a lower price for similar work, we’ll beat their price.


Digital Ad Management*

Monthly or one-time Ad Spend

$10,000 or less ————————— 25%

$10,000 or more ————————— 20%

$25,000 or more ——————— 14.5%

$100,000 or more ———————— 12.5%

$250,000 or more ———————— 10%

*Ad creative not included.


Brand Packages

Basic (1 Logo + color palette + typeface) - 1 week —— $2k

Choice (Basic + 4 more logo options) - 2 week ——— $10k

Definition (Choice + brand guidelines) - 3 weeks —— $16k

The Works (Definition + deck template) - 4 weeks — $20k

Additional branding work at request. Each package includes one revision.



Margin of error

4% margin of error polls ——— $2.5k

3% margin of error polls ———— $5k

Added features up to $2.5k

TV Placements*

Network or cable stations

5% fee of the buy

0% fee of the buy if you do your digital with us

*Doesn’t include a 3rd partner fee we incur up to 6.5%



Services - Custom pricing


Graphic Design

GIF Creation

Website Design


Self-service ad platform —— $99/mo

Promotion: 6 months free trial includes:

  • Unlimited ad buys - no fee

  • Dedicated product manager

Access upon request or invitation only